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Workplace Equality Index

Assess your progress on LGBT workplace equality

The Workplace Equality Index is the definitive benchmarking tool for employers to measure their progress on lesbian, gay, bi and trans inclusion in the workplace. Those who take part know that people perform better when they can be themselves.

Participating employers demonstrate their work in 10 areas of employment policy and practice. Staff from across the organisation also complete an anonymous survey about their experiences of diversity and inclusion at work.

Organisations then receive their scores, enabling them to understand what’s going well and where they need to focus their efforts, as well as see how they’ve performed in comparison with their sector and region. The 100 best-performing organisations are celebrated publicly.

Stonewall Diversity Champions benefit from in-depth, tailored feedback on their submission. 

The Workplace Equality Index 2019 is now closed for submissions.


As a benchmarking tool, it’s the best in the class."

Mark McLane, Managing Director, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Barclays


Why participate?

  • Taking part is completely free
  • Assess your organisation's achievements and progress on LGBT equality
  • Compare your performance with organisations in your region and sector
  • Stonewall Diversity Champions receive in-depth consultative feedback


The Workplace Equality Index provides us with confidence that our approach is delivering success for our staff and communities.”

Melanie Hockenhull – Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service


Over 93,000 employees completed the staff survey, one of the UK's largest national employment surveys

Over 430 organisations across a range of sectors and regions took part in the 2018 Index


We’ve put together answers to frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please email us for more information.

How do I submit to the 2019 Index?

All submissions are created on Stonewall Submit. Through Stonewall Submit, you complete the ten sections of the Index and nominate individuals in your organisation to be recognised as part of the Top 100 awards. You don’t have to complete it all in one go. You can log in and out, save changes and make amendments where needed before the submission deadline. You also don’t need to fill it all in yourself. Stonewall Submit allows you to add additional users from your organisation to help complete your submission.

If your organisation has never made a submission to the Workplace Equality Index, you should use the sign-up function to create an account for yourself.

If you created the submission for your organisation in 2018, you should log in to the system using your existing login details.

When is the submission deadline?

The submission deadline for the 2019 Workplace Equality Index is midnight GMT Friday 7 September. We cannot guarantee that any submissions received after this period will be reviewed.

I can’t remember my password for Stonewall Submit

Go to Stonewall Submit and click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link underneath the login box. Follow the instructions and your password will be reset.

Please allow 24 hours for the password reset email. If you do not receive the email in this time, contact memberships@stonewall.org.uk

Someone else submitted to the Index on behalf of our organisation, but now I have to. What do I do?

You should create a new account on Stonewall Submit.

You should then email memberships@stonewall.org.uk requesting access to your organisation’s previous submission.

Once we verify your identity, we will then be able to grant you access to your organisation’s 2018 submission.

How has the 2019 submission already been filled in on Stonewall Submit?

Many previous entrants to the Index have requested this feature over the years.

When you create a new 2019 submission on Stonewall Submit, it will be pre-populated with answers and uploads from your 2018 submission.

This is to make the process of compiling your submission easier when things haven’t changed, for example, your policies.

However, please note that many questions in the Index require in-year evidence. For example, communications which have been sent to staff within the last year that are LGBT inclusive. It’s down to you to update the answers and files in relation to the work you’ve done and the question.

Which sections does the 2019 Index cover?

Section 1 – Policies and benefits: how you audit, develop and communicate your policies

Section 2 – The employee lifecycle: how you engage all employees on LGBT inclusion, from attraction and recruitment to retention and development

Section 3 – LGBT employee network groups: how the activity of your network group contributes to LGBT inclusion in your organisation and beyond

Section 4 – Allies and role models: how you empower allies and role models to create change and their subsequent actions

Section 5 – Senior leadership: how you engage and empower senior leaders to create LGBT-inclusive workplaces

Section 6 – Monitoring: how you collect and analyse data to improve the experiences of LGBT employees

Section 7 – Procurement: how you engage your supply chain on LGBT matters

Section 8 – Community engagement: how you demonstrate commitment to LGBT equality and create change in the wider community

Section 9 – Clients, customers and service users: how you engage and consult clients, customers, service users and partners around LGBT equality

Section 10 – Additional work and award nominations

Can I get a word version of the questions and criteria?

If you are a Diversity Champion, you can get hold of a word file which contains all the questions and criteria by emailing your client account manager. Otherwise, you can email memberships@stonewall.org.uk

Please note, the word file is for reference purposes only – all submissions must be made through the Stonewall Submit system.

What happens to our Index score and rank?

The Index is about helping employers develop, not naming and shaming. Your Index score will remain confidential between you and us, wherever you place. Your rank will also remain confidential between, unless you place within the Top 100 employers – in which case we’ll celebrate your progress externally (and help you to do the same!).

How long does an Index submission take?

Your submission to the Index can take as long as you would like it to. There is no requirement to complete every section or to complete it every year. However, organisations that do see tangible outcomes as a result of using the Index to drive forward all their diversity work.

As every organisation outside of the Top 100 Employers remains confidential, you can complete as many or as few sections as you wish. Diversity Champions will receive in-depth feedback from Stonewall on every section completed, which can be used as a foundation for future work in that area.

Who needs to be involved in the Index submission?

This will likely depend upon the size of your organisation and the sections you plan to complete. However, organisations generally involve the following groups of staff: HR, training, employee LGBT network groups, and any LGBT trade union representatives or groups.

Involving others in the submission process lightens the load on one person and ensure everything you’re submitting is up-to-date and accurate.

Who marks our Workplace Equality Index submission?

The Workplace Equality Index is marked by Stonewall experts in the field of LGBT workplace equality. All markers have undergone extensive training to ensure that, regardless of who marks your submission, you will be marked to the same high standards.

What is the Employee Feedback Survey?

The Employee Feedback Survey assesses the impact of organisational practice on LGBT inclusion in your workplace. In the survey, we ask your employees questions around key indicators of inclusion in your workplace – examining both LGBT and non-LGBT employee experiences, opinions and attitudes.

The results of the survey are worth 10% of the total available points for your submission.

You can find the 2019 survey here. The survey will close on Friday 2 November 2018.

It’s important to note that when you send the survey to your employees, you should also provide your organisation’s 4-digit code. This is a unique identifier which ensures your employees responses are assigned to your organisation. If you don’t know your 4-digit code, contact your client account manager or memberships@stonewall.org.uk

If you’re a Stonewall Diversity Champion, you will receive analysis of your survey results in your Index feedback report.

Who in my organisation should I send the Employee Feedback Survey to?

You should send the survey to all your employees, not just your LGBT employee network group.

The more respondents you receive to the survey, the more useful and representative the data will be.

For Diversity Champions, the survey is a fantastic way to perform a temperature check of experiences, attitudes and opinions within your workplace.


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