Finding quality RSHE resources
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Finding quality RSHE resources

It’s important to feel sure you’re choosing and using quality LGBT-inclusive resources, especially if you’re using resources made by someone else.

Resources you use in the classroom should be evidence based: any claims and arguments should be backed up by solid evidence (this can include quantitative data, such as statistics from research, and qualitative data, such as case studies or quotes from interviews).

A good place to start looking for suggested resources is Annex B to the statutory guidance, which includes Stonewall’s resources and resources by others.

In our guide to LGBT-inclusive RSHE, Putting it into Practice, you’ll find checklists and prompt questions to help you feel confident:

  • identifying an LGBT-inclusive resource
  • identifying a trans-inclusive resource
  • exploring the evidence base of a resource

Working with Stonewall

As Europe’s largest LGBT organisation, Stonewall have spent more than 30 years working towards a world where all children and young people have access to an LGBT inclusive education. Our experienced team are proud to have supported many primary and secondary schools, Local Authorities and Multi Academy Trusts to challenge bullying and celebrate diversity.

We offer online training as well as membership programmes for schools and colleges in the UK. Education staff can also benefit from our extensive resources and our consultancy services, as well as tailored options for Multi Academy Trusts.

Become a member today and together we can create a world where LGBT children and young people are free to be themselves.


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