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What you can do
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Transform your school & college.

The School & College Champions Programme

Get 12 Months of Specialist Development and Support

Staff Training

Access to three places on our CPD-accredited e-learning courses.

Action Planning Tool

Clear steps to becoming an LGBTQ+ inclusive setting.


Member videos and resources to develop curriculum and practice.

Our Education history

Stonewall was founded on 24 May 1989, one year to the day since Section 28 became law.

Section 28 was a piece of legislation that banned the ‘promotion of homosexuality’ by schools and councils across most of the UK, and led to a total suppression of LGBTQ+ identities in schools.

We’ve spent more than 30 years working towards a world where all children and young people have access to an LGBTQ-inclusive education.

We have travelled a path from Section 28, to every child in most of the UK learning about our lives, families and relationships as part of the national curriculum. We can't repeat history.

I now feel better prepared to deal with issues in a structured and knowledgeable way.

Year 9 teacher

Effective in increasing knowledge about LGBTQ+ children and young people.

University of Birmingham

Evidenced-based CPD-approved training

The University of Birmingham used our e-learning in a randomised control trial to test its effectiveness in training children’s social workers.

Results showed that our e-learning module is effective at increasing participants’ LGBTQ+ knowledge and reducing their heteronormative attitudes and beliefs.

After completing the training, 99.5% of participants thought they were better able to support LGBTQ+ young people.

Why is Stonewall different?


Supports bringing staff together to take a whole-setting approach.


Personalised action plan for your setting.
Training that centres reflection on your setting.

Time saving

Improve staff confidence and knowledge to address real challenges.