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A message from Nancy Kelley (she/her), Stonewall’s CEO

Today we set out a new chapter for Stonewall as we launch our 2021-5 Strategy: Free to Be.

It’s almost a year since I took up the role of Chief Executive here at Stonewall. I’ve had so many rich and powerful conversations with people from across the LGBTQ+ movement, both here in the UK and among our many global partners, about what matters to our communities, what change is desperately needed and how Stonewall can be a great activist and partner in the movement.

I’ve reflected a lot on what we need to do and be at Stonewall to fight for – and build support for – our communities.

At the heart of it, we at Stonewall believe that LGBTQ+ people have limitless potential, and we imagine a world where all LGBTQ+ people of all identities experience not only equal opportunities, but equitable outcomes. Where our governments, communities, faith institutions and families don’t merely allow us to exist, but actively shield us from harm and help us thrive.

To create the world we imagine, our new strategy focuses on three pillars: Freedom, Equity and Potential. And the only way that we can make real progress is by working in partnership across the movement, in the UK and globally.

Over the coming four years you can expect to see us can expect to see us working on:


  • A legally enforceable ban on conversion therapy
  • Laws that help prevent hate crimes and support LGBTQ+ asylum claims
  • Legal recognition for LGBTQ+ people and our relationships 


  • Accessible and high-quality healthcare for all LGBTQ+ people
  • Strengthening relationships with faith communities and communities of colour
  • Supporting and represent LGBTQ+ people across our lives


  • Expanding our workplace and empowerment programmes
  • Championing LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport and schools
  • Supporting Pride in all its forms

Stonewall Strategy 21-25: Free to Be

You might also notice that we look and sound a bit different. The wonderful and very clever Revolt (a purpose consultancy) and activist agency and Jones Knowles Ritchie (a design-led creative company) have helped us build a strong and clear message about who we are and what we stand for, alongside a fresh and confident new look. We have moved away from ‘Acceptance without Exception’ which no longer feels like the right focus for us. Today we stand for the freedom, equity and potential of all LGBTQ+ people.

We are so grateful to Revolt and Jones Knowles Ritchie for their generous support. And we are so grateful to the photographer Ally Schmaling, who has allowed us to use their beautiful portraits of LGBTQ+ people. We hope you love their work as much as we do.

So, now you know about the world that we imagine at Stonewall, I want to ask: do we imagine the same world?

If you can imagine a world where there is freedom, equity and limitless potential for every LGBTQ+ person, we want you to stand with us.

Whether you’ve supported us since 1989; you’re just coming out; you want to be a champion for your LGBTQ+ friends, relatives or colleagues; you’re concerned by the rise of anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups; you’ve felt overlooked by us in the past; you want to step up as a role model or leader – we can’t create the world we imagine, the world our communities deserve, without you. Join us.