Safeguarding policy
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Safeguarding policy

Our commitment to safeguarding

Safeguarding is extremely important to Stonewall and sits at the heart of our programmes and events. We believe that no one should ever experience abuse, exploitation or neglect.

We believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to safeguard children and adults at risk from abuse and to take action when made aware of the risk of harm.

Stonewall recognises it has particular responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of:

  • All children who engage in Stonewall activities, including the children of adults that use Stonewall services or attend Stonewall events
  • All adults at risk who engage in Stonewall activities
  • In the UK and globally

And to keep them safe and to practice in a way that protects them.

Purpose of policy

Stonewall is committed to creating an environment which ensures all those accessing services or working with Stonewall enjoy opportunities to thrive, develop to their full potential and can feel safe from risk of harm or abuse.

The purpose of Stonewall’s safeguarding policy is:

  • To protect children and adults at risk who engage with Stonewall activities through effective safeguarding practice and codes of conduct
  • To uphold safer recruitment practices to prevent those intent on harming children and adults at risk from accessing the children or adult at risk who engage in Stonewall activities
  • To make sure we effectively recognise, respond, record and report safeguarding concerns or disclosure so that those who engage with us access the safeguards they need if at risk of harm or abuse
  • To provide those who work with Stonewall, all who engage with Stonewall activities, and the parents and carers of the children who take part in our programmes and events, the overarching principles that guide our approach to child and adults at risk protection

Stonewall recognises that many of our programmes and events are centred around creating trusted spaces for exploring personal identity and life experiences which could increase the likelihood of those who engage with Stonewall activities disclosing current or past experiences of safeguarding concerns. This makes Stonewall’s commitment to, and responsibility for, safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and adults at risk central to our practice.

The policy

The policy and all accompanying procedures apply to all those who work with Stonewall, including members of staff, trustees, contractors, partners, volunteers, visitors and any other individual who may work with Stonewall from time to time.

It is the responsibility of all who work with Stonewall to act if there is a cause for concern about a child or an adult at risk, or the behaviour of an adult towards a child. It is not their responsibility to determine what action is required to protect them.  Rather responsibility for deciding whether to escalate a concern to the appropriate authority lies with the Stonewall Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Stonewall requires that our partners with whom we contract, share our commitment to safeguarding. We will expect them to demonstrate this to us by having their own safeguarding police and procedures in place that are ‘fit for purpose’ before any partnership agreement is agreed and continued or that the partners are in agreement to adhere to Stonewall’s safeguarding policy and procedures while working under the Stonewall umbrella.

Stonewall is committed to ensuring all those who work with Stonewall (also volunteers, trustees and relevant contractors) are trained to the appropriate level to fulfil both their day to day role and safeguarding roles and responsibilities.

Overarching safeguarding policy - UK (PDF)

Overarching safeguarding policy - Global (PDF)

Code of conduct for working with children and adults at risk (PDF)

Safer recruitment policy (PDF)