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In memoriam

It can be comforting to celebrate and remember the life of a loved one after they’ve passed away, by making a gift in their memory.

Every donation in memory of a loved one, no matter how big or small, is a lasting tribute and helps us continue to stand with and fight for the freedom, equity and potential of all LGBTQ+ people. 

You’re not alone in making a memorial gift to Stonewall. Many family members and friends make a donation as a way to celebrate their loved ones’ lives and commitment to LGBTQ+ equality.

Anna's story

Rachel Lush and Anna Cornish

Both my late wife Rachel and I have been and feel very fortunate to have family, friends and workplaces that have given us the respect that everyone has the right to irrespective of their sexuality.

During Rachel's short 42 years of life, she wholeheartedly believed in supporting Stonewall to help others receive this respect and happiness in their lives.

She was a 'Close Friend', regularly donating every month to Stonewall for many years. So when she died it was a no brainer to put forward the charity for donations in place of flowers.

Over the course of our lives, Rachel and I have seen the progress that Stonewall has made for all LGBT people in this country but we also still hear about the young suicides, the homophobic beatings and the continuing difficulties that transgender people face, so there is still much to do.

That’s why I continue to be a 'Friend' of Stonewall. I need to do my bit.

Anna Cornish, Close Friend and Donor

Making an In Memory donation

You may find it easiest to donate online, via our website.

Alternatively, you can send a cheque, payable to ‘Stonewall Equality Ltd’, to our head office:

Stonewall, 192 St. Johns Road, London EC1V 4JY 

If you would prefer to send a donation directly to Stonewall via bank transfer or over the phone, then please call +44 020 8017 9781 or email and we will be happy to help.

A collection at a funeral service

Many people ask for donations to charity instead of flowers at a funeral or memorial service.

If you do choose to hold a collection, your funeral director should be able to facilitate this. We can receive these donations online or by cheque.

If you have any questions about holding a collection, or prefer an alternative way to donate, please call +44 020 8017 9781 or email and we will be happy to help. 

Setting up a memorial JustGiving page

Another popular way of giving in memory of a loved on is to set up a tribute page on JustGiving. You can create a fundraising page to share with your friends and family, which can remain open to collect donations and messages for as long as you wish. For more information on how to set up a memorial JustGiving page, please see this guide.

If you feel comfortable doing so, please include your name and contact details, plus the name of the person you are donating in memory of, so we can acknowledge your kind gift.

Thank you so much for your support.

Other ways to fundraise with Stonewall.