Rainbow Laces 2022 - lesson packs for schools and colleges
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Rainbow Laces 2022 - lesson packs for schools and colleges

Published in October 2022

Today, there are more LGBTQ+ athletes than ever before competing openly as their true selves.

2022 saw the first openly gay player to come out in professional UK men’s football in over 30 years. The Lionesses became Euros Champions with 7 openly LGBTQ+ players on the squad. Over 40 openly LGBTQ+ athletes competed at this year’s Commonwealth Games. But for every success story, there are countless more untold stories of LGBTQ+ people who are forced to abandon their love of sports and fitness. Because in PE lessons, the gym and in the stands, people bully, belittle and exclude, making them feel out of place. Sport is for all, and everyone should be welcome.

We’ve designed these lesson packs for you to use in Rainbow Laces week and beyond, because LGBTQ+ inclusion has no off season. Choose the activities to best suit the needs of your class and to fit the amount of time you have available.


Lesson Pack - Reception and KS1 (Scottish P1 to P3)

Lesson Pack - KS2 (Scottish P4 to P7)

PowerPoint template - Reception and KS1 (Scottish P1 to P3)

PowerPoint template - Year 3 and 4 (Scottish P4 to P5)

PowerPoint template - Year 5 and 6 (Scottish P6 to P7)

Secondary and Post-16

Lesson pack - Secondary

Lesson pack - Post-16

PowerPoint template - KS3 (Scottish S1 to S3)

PowerPoint template - KS4 and Post-16 (Scottish S4 to S5)


Lesson pack - SEND/ALN/ASN specific

PowerPoint template - SEND/ALN/ASN version 1

PowerPoint template - SEND/ALN/ASN version 2 (Widgit symbol supported)


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