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An illustration of a group of queer people in an office boardroom. Some are young adults and some are older, and they are all working together in partnership.

Our partners

Stonewall Young Futures is made possible by the support of the following partners.

LGBTQ+ Young People

This site has been created in collaboration with LGBTQ+ young people aged 16-24 from across the UK. So far, we’ve worked with over 60 LGBTQ+ young people in focus groups to develop the style, tone and content for Stonewall Young Futures.

Interested in getting involved? Sign up below to our Stonewall Young Futures mailing list if you want to hear about more opportunities for LGBTQ+ young people to take part.

Corporate partners

Stonewall Young Futures is supported by a group of corporate partners committed to helping LGBTQ+ young people to take the next step into education, training or work.


Watch stories from LGBTQ+ Aviva employees and explore Aviva career options.

"At Aviva we recognise the strength in the diversity of our people, and we want our workforce to reflect the customers and communities we serve. Creating a diverse, inclusive organisation is a fundamental part of living up to our purpose: being with you today, for a better tomorrow. We are proud partners of Stonewall Young Futures, enabling LGBTQ+ young people to kick start their careers. Our Pride Community is committed to creating a workplace where our LGBTQ+ colleagues can thrive and we are excited to welcome more young, LGBTQ+ talent into Aviva in the future."

Naked smoothies logo

"Naked Smoothies is a brand that celebrates inclusion and is committed to supporting equality. We are very proud to partner with Stonewall Young Futures which supports LGBTQ+ young people who are not in education, training or work. We are pleased that our donation in 2021 went to such a worthy cause and look forward to partnering with Stonewall in 2022, and for many more years to come."

Find out more

If you’re interested in joining Stonewall Young Futures as a corporate partner, please contact corporate.partnerships@stonewall.org.uk.

Advisory Group

Stonewall Young Futures is supported by an advisory group of leading organisations with experience and expertise in education, training, skills, apprenticeships, careers advice, and youth work. The following organisations meet regularly, sharing knowledge and strategic guidance to ensure the best outcomes for LGBTQ+ young people.


akt logo      Association of colleges logo      Barnado's logo

Careers Wales      Pearson logo      The Prince's trust logo      

Youth Employment UK logo      World Skills logo


The following LGBTQ+ artists have created the wonderful illustrations you can see across the Stonewall Young Futures platform.  

Anshika ‘Ash’ Khullar - @aorists  

Aude Nasr - @ahlan.my.darlings

PAPA artist AKA Betty Rose - @the_papa_artist 

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